"The theory is that you have ideas.
Ideology is when the idea has you.”

With over 25 years as a Tech & Business Entrepreneur my real specialty is creating things
to make life easier & marketing them in very very special ways.

My Strengthsfinder Top 5 Strengths & Gallup Entrepreneurial Top 10 Talents
Nick Longo Geekdom

Co-Founder of Geekdom

Founded in 2011 with Graham Weston, The Chairman of Rackspace Hosting. Geekdom is the Place Where Startups are Born and is the Largest Coworking Space in Texas where Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together. Geekdom

Nick Longo CoffeeCup Software

Founder | CEO CoffeeCup Software

As the Founder & Former CEO I created one of the First HTML Editors in the world in 1996 so people could create Websites. In 11 years I grew the company from an idea into a multi-million dollar company with over 20 other Web Design software programs and 50+ million downloads. CoffeeCup SOLD

Nick Longo Web Hosting

Founder Bluedomino Web Hosting

Starting as a marketing idea I created Bluedomino to host the Websites of the people who used CoffeeCup's Web Design Software. After 4 years we hosted over 15,000 Websites & it was the first company I was able to successfully sell. Bluedomino SOLD

Nick Longo Internet Cafe

Owner Raven & Sparrow

Started one of the first 25 Internet Cafes in the World when I added Free internet access to my real Coffeehouse; The Raven & The Sparrow in 1995. After creating the 1st commercial Website & many more in Corpus Christi I launched CoffeeCup Software so people could create their own Websites. The Rest is History. Raven Sparrow

Watch my TEDx Talk

Speaking about My Story, Entrepreneurship, Redemption & Discovering Your Noble Cause. TEDx

Other Things I Have Done.

And still do in many cases. I have started many of my own businesses and have
helped many other businesses with programs, business development & marketing.

  • I Wrote A Book

    My Website is Better Than Yours
    Learn HTML & Web Design from the Inside Out. Sold 20,000 copies through my Website & Amazon.
    Now Out Of Print.

  • Got An Honorary Doctorate

    Received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Endicott College in 2002 for my contributions to Technology and Society.

  • Marketing Director at Rackspace Hosting

    I was at Rackspace for 5 years after selling my companies. I was responsible for the Marketing & Branding Launch of the Rackspace Cloud. I also created the Rackspace Startup Program.

  • Started The Geekbus

    The Geekbus is a mobile classroom that travels to schools and other organizations to provide cool tech educational experiences for students at their locations.

  • Marketed Texas A&M University San Antonio

    As Texas A&M University San Antonio became a full 4 Year University I built a new marketing department as a Strategic Advisor and led all marketing & branding intiatives.

  • Air Force Satellite Communications

    I was a Satellite Communications Operator for Space Command with the highest of U.S. Top Secret Clearances when I was 18 years old. I was awarded the coveted Space Badge & was based in England.

  • Racing Greyhound Trainer

    After the Air Force I become the youngest licensed racing Greyhound trainer in the state of Texas. I left professional racing to open my Coffeehouse after I met my wife.

  • I Own Rental Houses

    After buying and remodeling our own homes over the years I bought 10 houses within walking distance to rent to others. -- Always have a backup plan.

I have mentored & advised 100's of Startup teams from Geekdom, Techstars, SXSW Accelerator, SXSW V2Venture, 3 Day Startup & Startup Weekend and have also worked with great organizations like Goodwill & others to bring Entrepreneurship where it is needed most. -- I still do.

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